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Spring Vaccination Offer

Our vaccine amnesty offer is for cats and dogs who are aged over 18 months

We understand that many of our clients will be finding it tough at the moment financially and may have concerns if their pets are overdue for their booster vaccinations.

Our vaccine amnesty offer for cats and dogs, who are aged over 18 months and whose last vaccination was over 15 months ago, will provide a full course of vaccinations for the cost of a £66.55 booster, including a nose-to-tail health check for your pet!

Please note this offer is not available for puppies and kittens attending for their primary vaccination courses.

To find out more, contact your nearest branch today!

Terms and conditions

Offer is for a re-start vaccination course for the price of a single booster, available only to animals that have gone out of date on their vaccines (more than 15 months). Routine vaccinations only. Kennel Cough vaccination must be purchased at an additional charge. Full health check for pet included with any additional consultations charged at our usual rate. Offer is valid from 6th February 2023 until 30th September 2023.
1st vaccination must be taken by the end of 28th April 2023. Offer only available for cats and dogs over 18 months of age, animal must be healthy to have the vaccine, if unwell a consult will be charged. No further discounts or offers can be used in conjunction with the Vaccination Offer. Management reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time without notice
The offer will be for those animals that have gone out of date on their vaccine i.e. more than 15 months since their last vaccine, to get a vaccine course including full health check for the cost of a booster. T&C - doesn't include Kennel Cough, animal must be healthy to have the vaccine, if unwell a consult will be charged instead, otherwise fairly standard T&Cs - offer may be stopped without notice etc.